Editorial: Scott Walker’s running scared and Republicans are throwing tantrums

The following editorial appeared in the Cap Times on July 19.

We did not know the full extent of the threat Milwaukee-area businessman Andy Gronik posed to Gov. Scott Walker until the Republican Party of Wisconsin had a meltdown following the Democrat’s announcement that he would challenge Walker’s apparent desire to become governor for life. […]

Walker’s re-election run is going to be a tough sell. After the better part of a decade with Walker at the helm, Wisconsin continues to trail neighboring states in measures of economic strength and social accomplishment.

But we did not know how tough a sell Walker’s backers think his latest bid will be until the Republican Party confirmed that the governor is running scared.

That confirmation followed the announcement by Gronik, a newcomer to politics who is only starting to get known statewide. Republican Party operatives lost it. In an unhinged tantrum, they attacked Gronik with the same fury — and blatant disregard for the truth — that their hero, Donald Trump, reserved for his assaults on Hillary Clinton. […]

But we are pleased that Gronik is in the running and we’re pleased that he has started his campaign with a commitment to respect Wisconsin educators and public employees as they were respected under past governors of both parties — and as they are currently respected in other states run by Democratic and Republican governors. Gronik merits consideration on his own merits and because his decision to run has so rattled Republicans, whose desperation over Walker’s vulnerable circumstance has been made abundantly clear by their own screeching.

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