Watch: Every Wisconsin Family Has a Story – Let’s Start Listening

By Andy Gronik

This campaign is not going to be politics as usual. It starts with Wisconsinites — not me.

I’m running for governor to champion your story, to fight for our progressive values, to end the Scott Walker era that’s hurting Wisconsin families, and to stand up to Donald Trump.

That begins with a real conversation to find the best ideas to move Wisconsin forward and by bringing people together to make it happen. So instead of putting together a typical political ad, we produced a short film featuring stories from real Wisconsinites about the challenges they face.

Please take a moment to watch the video, send it to your friends, and share your story, too:

I believe in a government that listens and puts the people of Wisconsin first.

I know it’s possible for Wisconsin families to have a better life in our state — a life where hard work provides for a secure retirement; where everyone has access to affordable healthcare if we get sick; where our kids go to good public schools and have a chance to go to an affordable college. We can build this kind of future together in Wisconsin.

So this campaign is going to be different from those of lifetime politicians like Scott Walker.

We’re going to work to bring people back to the table to have real conversations and identify the very best ideas to move our state forward. This film is just one of many ways we’re going to rediscover that every Wisconsin story has far more in common than what divides us.

So, please watch the video, share it with your friends, and let’s champion the values and stories of Wisconsinites. Together, we’re going to defeat Scott Walker and bring progressive change to our state.

It’s time for a governor who listens and puts people first. I will.

Thank you.