Andy Gronik: Scott Walker’s deal is nothing but a con for Wisconsin

We all want the same things for Wisconsin: family-sustaining jobs, budgets that respect taxpayers and invest in our state, and elected officials who make deals on behalf our people, not special interests.

Governor Scott Walker has failed at all that — and the Foxconn deal represents what infuriates Wisconsinites most about politicians these days.

Andy Gronik knows Scott Walker’s deal is nothing but a con for Wisconsin because he has walked factory floors with workers and has appraised hundreds of manufacturing businesses. He knows when a deal will work and when it won’t.

That’s why Andy wrote an op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Tuesday to explain how this deal hurts Wisconsinites. Take a moment to read this excerpt and then share the editorial with your friends on Facebook:

Foxconn also gets up to $1.5 billion to cover 17% of its payroll expense by paying workers $10.88 an hour — that’s just $22,620 per year. These are the kinds of wages that have families throughout our state working two and three jobs just to get by. While this might be Walker’s vision for Wisconsin, it’s not mine.

We’re making a 25-year bet on an industry that will continue to automate and that makes devices that are obsolete in a year. I promise that 25 years from now we will not be holding a device to our ears to receive voice and data. And then what? What does Wisconsin do with that massive building if Foxconn walks away? No one knows because it’s not in the contract. 

As a progressive business leader, Andy knows the strategies that benefit working people — fair wages, great benefits, and the willingness to listen to the concerns of workers on the factory floor. If Governor Walker had taken the same approach and listened to the workers of Wisconsin, he’d know that this deal isn’t right.

For 35 years, Andy advised businesses on how to make the best decisions using any and all information possible. Wisconsin taxpayers deserve the same treatment — and Andy’s here to provide the analysis.

So read Andy’s editorial, share it with your friends, and ask them to be a part of this campaign to bring progressive change and a better deal for working families to Wisconsin.

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