Branwen: I’m a teacher and I’m backing Andy Gronik for Governor

By Branwen

I love my job. I knew as a second grader that I wanted to teach — even if I won the lottery, I’d still be in the classroom.

Every day, when the bell rings to dismiss school, I high five all of my students on their way out the door. It’s my way to tell them that I think they’re doing a great job.

But a lot has changed since I started teaching. Prior to Scott Walker taking office, Wisconsin’s teachers led our state to the highest high school graduation rates in the country.

Instead of renewing our commitment to students and teachers, Walker chose to devastate public education by cutting funding by hundreds of millions of dollars and attacking the rights of teachers. As a result, many school districts across the state laid off teachers, shut down programs, and increased class sizes. Wisconsin no longer leads in graduation rates.

Andy Gronik understands the struggles teachers and students are facing. He asked me to share my story as a teacher in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, and I hope you’ll take a moment to watch and share it:

Scott Walker’s not finished with his attacks on public education. Now Walker is even talking about eliminating minimum requirements for classroom instruction time. It’s insanity — almost any educator or parent will tell you class time is critical to the learning process.

My students are smart, but they all learn differently. Cutting class time and just focusing on the results of one test isn’t the right way to measure their intelligence or the progress they’ve made.

Unlike Walker, Andy believes that teachers aren’t the cause of our state’s problems — they are a part the solution.

Andy knows this because he went to public school and he admits he was one of the kids who learned differently from other students. He values, admires, and respects the teachers who took the time to instruct him differently from other kids. As a parent, he has two kids in public school. He gets it and he’s traveled across the state, listening to teachers and working families who wrestle with these problems every day.

When was the last time Scott Walker actually listened to a public school teacher?

Watch the video, and share it with your friends — because I know that our state can be better. Let’s get it started by electing Andy Gronik.

Thank you.