Dallas: I’m a union worker and I’m backing Andy Gronik for Governor

I’ve always been a union worker — it’s in my blood. My parents met on a factory floor, and now, my union brothers and sisters are just as close as my family.

While the wounds are still fresh, it’s been six years since Governor Walker led the charge to pass the most anti-union law in the history of Wisconsin — Act 10. And since then, union membership has decreased by enough people to fill Lambeau Field and Miller Park at the same time. Walker got what he wanted.

It’s past time for new leadership that recognizes the value of unions, and no one has shown that more than Andy Gronik. He’s always believed the best way to get stuff done is to listen to workers on the factory floor, like me, my parents, and my union brothers and sisters.

Andy created a short video to share the stories of people just like me, and I hope you’ll take a moment to watch it and share it with your friends:

Andy got involved by traveling the state and listening to the people of Wisconsin for the last 19 months. And unlike politicians, who make videos about themselves, Andy launched this campaign with stories from people in Wisconsin. And since then, he hasn’t let up — with the traveling or the listening. He even held a Facebook Live town hall to hear from places he hadn’t been to yet.

That’s the different kind of leadership we need.

We’re all struggling with the problems created by Scott Walker, and now, it’s time to do something about it. It’s time to help elect someone like Andy Gronik.

Thank you.