Andy Gronik: End Partisan Gerrymandering

By Andy Gronik

I spent 18 months traveling the state listening to hundreds of people to inform ideas about how to move our state forward. Here’s what nearly everyone I met with has said in one form or another: “government isn’t listening.”

They’re right. The way voting districts are drawn in Wisconsin means our government doesn’t have to listen anymore. Partisan gerrymandering is a clever and sneaky way to divide voting districts to make sure your vote doesn’t count. And, when votes don’t count, neither does your voice.

We need to change that. Add your name to the petition to end partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin.

In 2012, Wisconsin Democrats won 174,000 more votes for State Assembly seats, but Republicans won 60 seats while Democrats only took 39. With their seats locked down, it’s not about the people of our state anymore. It’s about furthering the political agenda paid for by special interests. Period.

That’s not democracy. It’s not fair. We’re fair people in Wisconsin.

I’m simply advocating for what’s fair – that’s it. Let our voting districts be fair and then let the chips fall where they may. This will bring us back to a real debate in our state and return the government to the people of Wisconsin.

Sign the petition to stop rigged maps.

Thank you.