Gov. Scott Walker Shuns Wisconsin Values As Featured Speaker At Alt-Right Conference

MILWAUKEE – Our values in Wisconsin are what make us Wisconsinites and differentiate us from the rest of the nation, but today Gov. Scott Walker is slated to share an event stage with white supremacists and right-wing extremists at Turning Point USA’s 3rd annual Student Action Summit. 

“When the Governor goes out of his way to share a stage with people who espouse hateful views it flies in the face of everything Wisconsinites value the most,” gubernatorial candidate Andy Gronik said on Wednesday. “My Wisconsin is a place of inclusion; a place that rejects hate; and a place that welcomes everyone no matter their religion, race, or creed. Governor Walker may say he shares these views, but we must judge him on his actions.”

The Florida conference will feature speakers like white nationalist Steve Bannon and former Donald Trump-aide Sebastian Gorka who has ties to Nazi-allied groups.

“As a Jewish person, I find it particularly offensive that Governor Walker would share the stage with anyone who supports Nazis. These actions are despicable and demonstrate a complete disconnect from who we are as Wisconsinites. Our future can’t be built on hate or on tolerating hateful views. When I’m Governor, we’re going to get back to being Wisconsin and find our way back to the mutual love and respect that always propelled Wisconsin forward,” concluded Gronik.

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