It’s Time To Take Stock Of Where The Democratic Primary Stands

January 16th, 2018
To: Interested Parties
From: Brandon Weathersby, Gronik for Wisconsin Communications Director
Contact: 414-553-6257,
Re: It’s Time To Take Stock Of Where The Democratic Primary Stands

Elections are about making choices. Whether a decision to continue the failed policies of the past or a desire to move the state forward, in a manner that honors hard work and creates an opportunity for those willing to roll up their sleeves, voters will be presented with a choice on election day.  In particular, Wisconsin Democrats after losing the last three elections and countless legislative battles to Scott Walker will need to decide whether to stay with the status quo or pick a political outsider who could apply his 35 years of experience solving complex business problems around the globe, to solving problems here at home for our cities, towns, and counties.

Today, Andy Gronik, a first-time candidate without an existing fundraising base or constituency, was proud to post a very strong finance report reflecting  $554,429.95 in contributions since entering the race last year and with $97,827 in cash-on-hand in January of 2018. Gronik received 940 grassroots contributions from 58 Wisconsin counties and 27 states around the country. The people have already spoken and their message is loud and clear: “Politics as usual won’t beat Gov. Scott Walker and it’s time for a change.” Despite not knowing of Andy Gronik just a few short months ago, hundreds of donors jumped into the 2018 gubernatorial race early, to boldly proclaim that an outsider like Gronik is exactly what Wisconsin needs to fix a broken a system that isn’t working for them. That’s why Gronik put real skin in the game because he’s serious about being the change agent Wisconsin needs to restore the voice of government where it belongs — to the people.

On July 11th, Andy Gronik announced his campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination with no name recognition, no previous campaign fundraising experience, and no guarantee that Wisconsin Democrats would find a figure from outside the political arena appealing. Six months later, Gronik has silenced any skepticism of the seriousness of his gubernatorial run by investing in and building the professional campaign infrastructure needed to cultivate his ever-growing grassroots base. The release of Gronik’s fundraising numbers marks a good moment to take stock of the race. Since entering the race, the Gronik campaign has:

  • Posted  $554,429.95 in donations since entering the Democratic gubernatorial primary.
  • Entered January 2018 with nearly $100,000 cash-on-hand.
  • Received 940 grassroots contributions from 59 Wisconsin counties and 27 states around the country.
  • Hired seven full-time campaign professionals able to execute a winning election strategy.
  • Amassed the largest combined social media following of any of the establishment candidates with nearly 26,000 total followers who routinely provide input into Gronik’s plans for the future of Wisconsin
  • Received over 155,000 Facebook views on its campaign rollout film, “Their Stories,” which shared the individual stories of people affected by Scott Walker’s failed policies.
  • Traveled over 20,000 miles on the campaign trail since announcing his candidacy in July and attended nearly 100 public events — including seven candidate forums and 37 county party events.

“We’re demonstrating that there is an alternative to ‘politics as usual,” said Andy Gronik. “The response to my candidacy, from fundraising and social media to in-person support at events across the state, has been phenomenal. The August primary needs to be about advancing a candidate who will beat Scott Walker in November. We know that Walker has handed establishment Democrats three consecutive losses, proving he has a playbook to beat them. But, while Walker claims to know how to move Wisconsin’s economy forward, I’ve actually built one of the largest companies of its type in the world by working side-by-side on factory floors with labor and management to help struggling businesses solve complex problems and create good-paying jobs.  Walker’s playbook won’t work on me.”

Politics as usual is not working, so it’s time for a different kind of leadership in Madison. Andy Gronik has the fresh ideas, experience, and progressive values to create good-paying jobs throughout our state, make public education the best choice for learning and provide affordable healthcare for all. And, rest assured that Andy Gronk will fight just as hard for Wisconsin families as he has fought for his own.